Personal Narrative Essay: The Sound Of The Lacrosse Game

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Hearing your shoulder crack is never a good sound. Hearing your shoulder crack after being hit by what felt like an oncoming train is even worse. Especially once you realize that that same shoulder is completely unable to be moved once you pick yourself up off of the ground. It was just your typical spring day. It had rained in the early morning so the grass was damp but the sun had peered through the clouds as the day progressed turning it into a pretty nice day. The team was on the bus to go to the next lacrosse game, the fourth of the season. It seemed to be just the average Monday game, where the team as a whole wasn’t very interested in playing but all of us knew we had to. Throughout the game nothing was out of the ordinary. Up until midway through the third quarter at least. I checked onto the field for the first time in the half. We were on the defensive end of the field so I lined up in position to guard my man. The ball was passed inbounds to another player…show more content…
I didn’t know what had just happened because it happened so quickly. After a few seconds on the ground, I did know that the play was still going so I felt the need to get back into the game. As I made my attempt to push myself up off the ground, I noticed something didn’t quite feel right. The whole right side of my body was paralyzed and it seemed as if every ounce of strength had left my body. I continued to sit on the ground for what felt like a few minutes but in reality was only about twenty seconds. The whistle was blown to end the play so naturally I looked up to see what happened, and I see my coach walking towards me. I still did not believe that there was really anything wrong with me and I didn’t want to show the coach that I was in pain so I found the strength, in just my left arm at least, to push myself off the ground and make my way over to our

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