Personal Narrative: Lacrosse Rush

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Lacrosse Rush It was a Sunday morning. I could hear the birds chirping, the waves crashing on the Waikiki beach, and the elephants running around in the zoo. Parents, children, and friends are gathering around the football field at Kapiolani Park, where we played lacrosse. The sun is out without any clouds in sight,. It is the perfect day for Lacrosse. My blood is rushing through my body. The sun is beaming down on our backs. Sweat rolling down our faces, but it doesn’t bother me. The seniors on our team is glad they can be playing one last time. We will soon find out that for some of us, it will be our last game too. Something will happen to me that will change my life forever. Hard work and dedication will pay off. I was a junior at this time. It was like any other lacrosse game. Supporters are coming out to cheer on their friends and watch the game. The enemy team is sprinting to warm up and practicing their passing and catching. The team captains are setting up the goally nets. My team is doing our usual stretching, running, and enjoying the sun shine, before its game time. Some of us would be practicing shooting on the goally net…show more content…
Sometimes it will feel like you want to give up but you can’t. Giving up won’t let you make progress. Giving up won’t help you. If you always say no you will never say yes. It was very hard to make the transition from being the person who would help anyone to the person that had to rely on everyone else. It was hard for me because I was independent. When I first had the injury I could barely make my own dinner. I wouldn’t walk without the help of the crutches. After countless days at the Physical therapy office till they closed I was able to gain control again. I was able to walk around. I could do the things I loved to do like riding my motorcycle. I was able to repay the favor to my friends and family that has helped me. Hard work and dedication will get you far in

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