Driving Miss Daisy's Relationship

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Driving Miss Daisy Booli Daisy?s son, Booli, was primarily concerned first with his mother?s safety and secondly that she still lives as much as an independent life as possible. Booli knew his mom well and told Hoke, the driver he had hired, that she was high-strung and stubborn-minded and to never mind what she might say about his employment because he was the only one that could fire him (Zanuck, Zanuck & Beresford, 1989). During the movie my feelings about his attitude vacillated between caring concern and why do I have to bother with her. The later was more evident when his wife, Florine, had influence in the matter. Booli felt he had responsibility to fulfilled his mother?s basic needs and helped her live basically an independent life; but there are more than just basic needs in a person?s life. After Hoke had been with Daisy for awhile he began to…show more content…
Most of the time she felt that he was quite condescending in the way he treated her. I?m sure their relationship was forged by both their own stubbornness. They did not live in the same world but in parallel words each refusing to enter the others except rare occasions. Daisy was proud of her early years growing up in a hard working family that sacrificed so she could go to college to become a teacher. She also had a sense of pride in being a teacher, touching the lives of children. As she aged she never forgot her humble beginnings, telling Hoke she was not rich and she was just the person that grew up in humble Jewish neighborhood (Zanuck, et al, 1989). From the beginning of the movie her attitude of her own ageing was independence; she drove herself (until the accident), she regularly played mahjong with friends, attended synagogue functions on her own, attended Temple, shopped for herself, and paid her own bills, and that is how she liked

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