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There are ten rules in Kraft's Code of Business Conduct snd Ethics, which regulating all actions and decision-making affairs for non-wmployee directors. I think all these rules are helps to everybody. For example they helping company by having a standarts which they follow and this codes attracts potential customers. Rules are helping to customer too,which has a guarantee from this company, that food is healthy without any GMO and oth. I will comment the rules, which in my mind is the most helpful and needful. Rule #1 "Make food that is save to eat" This is a very needful rule, because the company which engage of selling products must to supply the best products for their consumer. Consumer must be sure that food is really confirmed by all…show more content…
They can to competition in selling "green" and healthy products or havimg a lot of discounts and deals, organizating some activities for clarity which attracting people to choose this company. Rule#6 "Respect the environment" Every company must to choose and find the way which help them not to spoil our environment, maximizate all efforts to safe our planet. For example reduse electricity spending by using the sun energy, minimaze wastes by recycling them and oth. There are many methods, which created for this issue. Rule#8 "Keep honest books and records" As a student, which studying an accounting and audit, I seriously treat to this rule. All information about company, financial statement all if them needed to be clear and honest regardless of their degree, that all users of this information be able to assess current situation. These all rules I noticed because I am a consumer and written it all from a consumer's side and opinion. I like the Kraft's strategy in saving trust with their customers, supplies, employees, and government. The Rules by one side has a management effect in regulating and controlling some activities and decisions and by other side has a trust effect for customers. Thats why the code of ehics are need to all companies to help them and their

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