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KitKats History For KitKats the majority of people have seen the original flavor. All though what people didn't know is that they have broadened their horizons and made more flavors than what people could ever think about. For example they have the flavors chicken, hamburger, orange, strawberry, maple and so many more than anyone can think. Minding the flavors they made it's important to know who created KitKats, how long they have been making them and who is making the flavors and or who is still making the KitKats and if they have changed. Rowntree's of York,England is a company that created the KitKat. Now Nestlé owns some of their candies because they bought their company. Rowntree´s took that deal and so then Nestle continued making KitKats and selling them. Just like today we still have Nestle selling the KitKats and other candies Rowntree´s made. For example Nestle still sells smarties and rolos. KitKats are important because it tells a story from the past like who created certain…show more content…
Rowntree´s first name for the KitKats was Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp and then two years later the company changed it to KitKats Chocolate Crisp. Rowntree’s changed it for the final time to KitKats and this was after World War Two was over. During the World War KitKats were know as the valuable warfare food and they advertised it as “What active people need”. Rowntree also at the time had created the KitKat Dark because they were scarce on supplies for the candies. With changing the KitKats to dark chocolate they had people wanting more dark chocolate even after they stopped selling them. Now Hershey´s sells the candies here in the U.S but every else Nestle sells them. Some people can tell that Nestle had created them because they might taste a little different. Just like when we got a KitKat from Ireland it tasted different but then nobody knew what was different. Now the company that keeps making some of the weirdest flavors is

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