An Informative Essay On The Freak Show

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Freak show is the fourth instalment of the very compelling American Horror Story series, and much like the past three season it started off with a bang! It was suspenseful, elegant, somewhat beautifully, frequently astonishing and obviously insane! The characters this season include Jessica Lange back in all her glory as Elsa, the “star” of the freak show. We have the Siamese twins Bette and Dot played by Sarah Paulson who’s doing an astonishing job portraying the two of them with very various personalities. Lobster hand boy Jimmy Darling played by the recurring Evan Peters, The Bearded lady with the southern accent aka lobster boys mother played by Kathy Bates, the words smallest woman in the show and in real life Jyoti Amge plays Elsa’s assistant Ma Petite. Frances Conroy is back as Gloria and delivered possibly the most badass sassiest line of the entire episode “By far the most freakish thing of all tonight was your pathetic…show more content…
The Siamese twins then arrive to the freak show circus tent and met the rest of the “freaks” Then a police officer shows up to take Beth and Dotty to the station as they are suspected for the murder of their mother, but the Lobster boy Jimmy Darling shows up and saves the day! Moving on to the actual Freak Show which had supposedly been sold out but it turned out it was just a spoiled kid named Dandy who had bought all the tickets so that he could have the entire Freak Show to himself and his mother. All the performers are introduces and do their thing but the main number was when Elsa performed David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” in a German accent! After the performance Dandy and his mother Gloria tries to buy the Siamese twins Bette and Dotty but they decline saying “This is our home now”. And then bam! Gloria goes all sassy on

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