Okonkwo In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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OverComers On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at 8:45 a.m. in downtown New York the United States faced a very tragic and terrifying experience. A plane had been hijacked by terrorists threatening American soil. There were four attacks done to Americans that day in history and people didn't know what to do. How could they know what to do? Their culture was being ripped apart and their routine of doing things was falling to the ground. Their friends and family died on this day in their culture and they didn't know what to do. Like Okonkwo in Things Fall Apart he was a strong person as was American but when things build up and your culture is crumbling to the ground it’s hard to be superior or strong. Okonkwo’s sense of identity was being pushed when the introduction of Western ideas into the Ibo…show more content…
Okonkwo knows he shouldn't have ever killed Ikemefuna. He knows that he tried to do better and help people. Ikemefuna looked up to Okonkwo as a bigger person and as a hero or a father like figure. The Western culture took over and had no death at all which was good for Okonkwo to get away from the killings, but deep inside it was still their. The thought of death and killings were always in Okonkwo's conscience. So realistically the Western culture made it worse by stressing no one should be bad or kill a human being. Okonkwo was exiled from his ibo tribe for seven years. Okonkwo then could return to his ibo tribe after these seven years are over with. Okonkwo got this exile because he beat his wife during the week of peace which was the worst crime to all people in the ibo tribe and community. It wasn't the fact that he beat his wife, but it was the fact that he beat her in a time of tranquility and in such a sacred time. Okonkwo was exiled because he was While Okonkwo was away the white men (the missionaries) began to colonize the ibo tribe and this caused an uprising in the whole
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