Naomi Shihab Nye's Poem 'Famous'

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There are many interpretations of the two words peace and contentment and often go hand in hand. These two words together can mean living excluded from the rest of the world in a quiet place being surrounded by nature to soothe the human mind or it can mean being supported by family, loved ones and the people mentoring that person throughout the ride of life, etc. The poem “Famous” written by poet Naomi Shihab Nye, displays beautifully how inanimate objects have a sense of importance or purpose in life. Without these inanimate objects the world can use to benefit them, the world will never truly know the importance of why they were created. The overall message or theme of “Famous” is clear, the speaker wants to be famous for what he or she…show more content…
The not knowing where they will attend college in the fall frightens them and haunts them in their sleep or chosen career path they have thought about as a kid can suddenly change. At that moment, some tough decisions have to be made. In Nye’s poem Famous, the speaker asserts that “The loud voice is famous to silence,/ which knew it would inherit the earth/ before anybody said so” (Nye 2-4). What the speaker means by this is without the loud voice, silence would not exist to know it would indulge in the Earth. The families of these graduating seniors in high school know what they want for their child and it’s up to the child to go out and get what they want. The plan is to guide them down a path to where in the long run; the one child can be at peace with his or herself with the work they have done to get to that point in life and that is where having a sense of contentment comes into the…show more content…
Not every business or corporation looks at a college degree and guarantees someone a job. Often times, they look at what kind of person they might be, how they can benefit the company in the long run and most importantly, being a people person. In Nye’s poem, the speaker believes “The idea you carry close to your bosom/ is famous to your bosom” (Nye 8-9). Well the term bosom is an old fashioned for the word heart. Any idea that one can hold close to their heart is golden. The idea being anything is important to the heart, the one individual can have their eyes set on any subject matter since they were young and no one was going to tell them no. The idea is what keeps that one person going, it’s a drive of motivation, and that’s what being content with anything feels

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