The Importance Of Apathy

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What prompts us to ignore the distress of other people? We have all found ourselves in situations - the times we have seen someone taunted and didn't intervene; when we've driven past a car that has broken down, assuming another driver would pull over to help. We have noticed a young man slumped on the pavement, and not gone over to check if he's okay. We witness a problem; consider doing something, then respond by doing... nothing. Something holds us back. So why do we not help in these situations? Apathy can immobilize us when we feel the impulse to flee and help at the same time. Researchers have studied the phenomenon and attribute the occurrence of passive by-standing (known as the bystander effect) to a “diffusion of responsibility":…show more content…
It keeps us from forming alliances and feeling connected to other people. It can lead us into a lonely state, one that keeps us from doing what we can to help others and that, in turn, keeps us from asking others for help. Those who actively help others are thought to share some personality traits; stronger sense of attachment to others and their feelings of responsibility for the welfare of others. Researchers have found that these tendencies are commonly instilled in helpers from being shown tolerance, care, and empathy themselves in childhood. So is there anything you can do to kick to touch that inertia? Here are our five top tips: 1. Connect with others who value empathy and cooperation We need the support and encouragement of others who value empathy, so go out and find like-minded people. There are plenty there – you just need to find them! 2. Be mindful and alert to apathy in yourself and others. Avoid hanging about with apathetic people. Be alert to what others say and don't say, and what they do and don't do. Ignore comments like, ''Nobody else minds, so why should I?'', or people who tell you to ''Lighten up'' or say ''Who cares anyway?'' Act on things you are impassioned about and concern you. 3. Be more self-compassionate Show yourself small kindnesses each day should help you express empathy for others more

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