Kid With Divorced Parents

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My story, if you will, is quite peculiar to the average kid with divorced parents. Typically those whose parents are divorced, have parents who bicker constantly, have a set date of when you go to whose house over the weekend, and the two parents don’t talk to each other anymore unless they have to. Then there is my “family.” I’m an average sixteen year old girl; my mom and I are inseparable, but when it comes to my dad.. we are constantly butting heads. My mom says we do so because we are “so much alike,” however I completely disagree with her. As in every other family, there is always bickering and arguing, it happened often for my family, I believed that this was natural. However, I’m gladly mistaken. August of 2014 was a life changing, for better or for worse. I was in my room, on my phone, when I heard my parents call my brother and I downstairs, they said they had to talk to us and that it was important. I found this bizarre because we hardly ever had family meetings, but I went downstairs anyway. As I entered the living room, you could feel the coldness and sadness in the atmosphere. Both of my parents looked like they had been crying all night, I had know idea what was about to happened, I thought someone had passed away. However, I was wrong, their next words made me go into…show more content…
Typically, the parents fight a lot and plan on not talking to one another ever again after the divorce is finalized. My parents don’t fit into the stereotypical divorced family, they are best friends to this day and have been since they announced their separation. Whenever they have exciting news or need advice they call one another. Although this makes our situation easier in ways, but it also makes it complicated and confuses me. A few months ago, my parents would bring up about “getting back together,” but they knew exactly that they weren’t; this frustrated me because it gave me confidence that we would be whole

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