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Parenting Lessons by Bollywood Celebrities Being a famous celebrity and a loving parent are two completely different things for our Bollywood Celebrities. However just like these celebrities are able to rule the Indian cinema similarly they are able to play the role of loving and caring parents at the same time without any difficulty. However these parents are able to take out time for their children from their busy schedule and make sure that they are able to fulfill their duties as parents by providing their children with an environment that helps them in making them more responsible and self-reliant. Here are some lessons by the Bollywood celebrities for every parent- Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao - Both Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan love their…show more content…
And being a single parent has never stopped her from taking good care of her children. She understands the challenge of being the only provider of financial assistance for her kids so she spends her money wisely. She has been quoted saying “ whether you have a spouse who gives you child maintenance or not, being a single parent means you need to curb your expenses. No more buying of sexy lingerie worth a thousand rupees or splurging on diamond earrings or even shoes that you just don’t need, keep a track of your expenses, write it in your daily calendar , journal or diary and calculate how much you spend. Don’t forget a day and don’t round off the figures. At the end of the month calculate , if you have left over save…show more content…
A smile from my children gives me the energy to work harder..” 5) Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan - King Khan the king of bollywood is surely the king of his family as well, he is a doting father and he makes sure that he leaves no stone unturned to spend time with his kids. Both Shahrukh and Gauri are able to spend quality time with their parents despite their busy schedule, and Shahrukh’s parenting mantra is simple he believes that be a kid with the kids!! He was noted saying once “I love my children not because they are my children,but because i have garnered a friendship with them. I am realising this…. As they are getting older,they are my greatest friends. I think my mental age is between 12 to 14, so it is nice to have 2 friends that i can ever

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