Preliminary Hermetic Training Research

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Understand that you cannot battle thoughts because you will always turn out to be the loser. We simply allow negative thoughts to pass through us and away, or we send them away before they unfold in our minds, similar to a lightning rod that averts lightning damages by guiding a lightning strike down to the ground. Indeed, a proficiently trained student does not see thought mastery as a battle, but rather a ”cakewalk”. That is quite different than an individual, who eagerly accepts and retains a destructive thought and materialize those thoughts through the matrices. The problem is not to be found within the spirit, but rather within one’s soul mirror. I have the feeling you are running from something in fear. Your problem is your character.…show more content…
You are an independent being and I urge you to clean house first, before you remove the rubbish before other people’s houses. You mentioned that you are sick. Now you know the source of your ailments. Preliminary hermetic training consists of introspection and thought vacancy, and if you hope to develop, you must work harder on yourself. A top athlete does not advance in competition without long and hard training. Without training, an athlete has already lost before the race begins. Some time ago, I told you that you will experience a difficult period. Act accordingly and pay attention. The indirect path does not lead to success. Compare it to a book read through a mirror, which is an unnecessarily difficult task. Tread the direct path that leads to understanding; understanding leads to exercising and exercising leads to wisdom. You are looking at your life through a mirror and read your life mirror-inverted. You wish that Bardon were here? That would not make a difference and ease and shorten your path. Again, you are deluted. Your development is something precious and not something that can be gained through trickery and shortcuts. You must rely on God. Whatever he gives is a gift, whether good or

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