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Introduction A hovercraft (also known as an air cushion vehicle) is an amphibious vehicle which is capable of travelling over different terrains without any modification. A hovercraft consists of a buoyant hull attached and elevated via a pressurised peripheral cushion of air called the ‘Skirt’. A thrust fan it mounted at the rear end of the craft and is responsible for the propulsion of the vehicle and the inflation of the skirt. The craft is able to transverse swiftly and easily across many terrains, which include sand, ice and water whilst still maintaining good speed, manoeuvrability and stability. Figure 1: Detailed description of a hovercraft How is lift generated The fan/propeller feeds air underneath the hull of the hovercraft via a ducting system. This creates a region of trapped air underneath the hovercraft and is know as ‘Plenum Chamber’. The propeller/fans continue to…show more content…
Therefore the width of the hovercraft (without inflated skirt) cannot exceed 2.5m. The trailer design will also ensure quick and easy accessibility for loading and offloading of the hovercraft. This will be accomplished by keeping the hovercraft as light as possible and using a tilt trailer with a winch. There will also be anchor points on the hovercraft to help secure it onto the trailer. Rescue equipment and Medical Supplies Storage: The hovercraft will be required to store a first aid kit and a range of necessary rescue equipment. The design will ensure that the hovercraft is fitted with loud speakers, sirens, lifejacket, stretchers, rescue ropes, floats and search lights. It will also need ample storage space to store the medical supplies in an easily accessible, dry and insulated compartment. To ensure that the hovercraft will have ample space for the rescue crew (two) and victims (three), it will be designed to have a safe, ergonomic and accessible housing cockpit.

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