Juvenile Justice System

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In criminal law, the Juvenile Justice System deals with minors who have been accused of community crimes. The juvenile system emphasis and focuses rehabilitation instead of punishment. Each year thousands of children are processed through the juvenile system that has committed violent or non-violent crimes. The juvenile system was designed over 100 years ago. Punishment for juveniles during the first century, juveniles were tried, convicted and sentenced as adults. In the late 1800’s, there was created and influx of immigrants and urbanization in which juveniles came in contact with the juvenile system. Child advocates, citizens, and policy makers stated that justice was not being served. Because juveniles were left in adult prisons as…show more content…
Youths should be held responsible for their unlawful behavior, but should be protected through the juvenile justice system. The juvenile justice system consists of agencies, institutions, organizations and personnel that process juvenile offenders. The network is made up of law enforcement agencies, the court system, probation and corrections. In American Society, the juvenile delinquency system has been a problem. Juvenile crime escalates and become more violent. The law dictates the rights of juvenile but they are not considered as responsible adults. The juvenile system is based up the principle of “parent’s patria” meaning the guardian over the juvenile. This principle is designed to protect and care for the welfare of underage children. Juveniles have certain rights since they are underage and can’t make adult decisions. The juvenile offenders are given the same opportunity to make two complete phone calls to their parents, guardian and his attorney. Before juvenile courts existed, children parents would determine their punishment. Children going to court were very slim at that time. Today, law enforcement will arrest a juvenile and take them to jail…show more content…
Gerald Gault was age 15 when he was arrested in 1964. The neighbor called the police and said that Gault called a females house and used inappropriate language. The Sherriff showed up and arrested Gault without notify his parents. Gault claimed that his friend called and said those things to her and he had nothing to do with it. Gault remained in custody for several days and released without any explanation. The judge ordered Gault to be confined at a State Industrial School until the age of 21. During the hearing there was no evidence and no witnesses. The Gault case led to a new way of dealing with

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