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The Nukak people (or Nukak-Maku) live deep in the tropical and humid forest somewhere in the Republic of Columbia. They are considered hunter-gatherers or foragers and they move with the seasons. Therefore they are also considered nomadic people. The first recorded outside contact was around 1980. In this paper I will discuss the some of the various technologies used by the Nukak. I divided the technological inventions in three categories. First, I will take a closer look at traditional subsistence related tools like hunting and fishing weapons. Then I will look at elements used in gathering plants or insects, tools used to prepare food and ultimately, objects used to transport and store food. The second category includes traditional tools…show more content…
The Nukak are skilled hunters and therefore they have invented various tools used to hunt animals. The main hunting tool is the blowpipe. The men among the Nukak go on expeditions to certain areas where they can find s specific tree species used to make the hunting tool. On their way back to the camp the tool is manufactured from a single piece of cane by hollowing it out. Only adults and young men are allowed participate in those trips and to possess and use a blowpipe. The blowpipe is used mainly to hunt animals high up in the trees like monkeys and birds. It is used all year round in all different kinds of territory. Every man possesses its own blowpipe and maintains it carefully since it is essential for getting food and not easily replaceable. Blowpipes are about 4 to 5 meters long and 1.5 to 4…show more content…
The Nukak use tree-climbing hoops made from bound vines to climb trees more easily. The men also use torches to smoke out beehives from trees or from the ground. Torches are made by dry leaves whose ends are tied together with a vine. A stick is attached to it as a handle. Expedient bags (or bùrups) are made from fresh leaves. The leaves are folded in half and the ends and are securely tied together. It takes only a few minutes to make those leave-bags and women, men and children know how to make

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