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- Just in time is the inventory method in which goods are manufacturer or purchased just in time for sale. JIT is power system that are producing product also besides that keep lower costs. Many company in this world are using this philosophy to improve their manufacturing process. Just in time is the process that product don’t have until customer have order and paid. After have paid and customer will get the product that their order. Just in time process are reducing inventory costs. Objectives of just in time is eliminate product from the value chain. Just in time system are fundamental to time based competition and and rely on based reduction process simplification , setup time, and batch size reduction.…show more content…
Harley Davidson’s use of JIT is mostly characterized by its transformation in the late World War 2 era from an inefficient manufacturer that solved all of its problems with extra inventory to a nimble manufacturer able to meet higher demand from customer and provide short lead times. Case is about Just in time(JIT) Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer. Founded in Milwaukee, winconsin during the first decade of the 20th century, it was one of two major American motorcycle manufacturer to survive the great depression. From this philosophy are created by Japanese companies that are point and aims to reduce inventory and the production if only what is needed and more. After the World war2, Harley Davidson company facing problem from competitor are produce a better quality motorcycle at lower cost, this is another Japanese company strategy to make customer buy. After that Harley Davidson company decide to visited competitor company in Japanese and they are found this company are using three main practices, the first is employee involvement, use of statistical process control and the last is Just in time ( JIT) , after this survey Harley Davidson company are realized that in order to beat Japanese company, The company has to follow this type of main practice in company, after using this main practices Harley Davidson company are successfully implemented Just in time (JIT) practices and get…show more content…
Wisner defined that supplier development is any activity that a buyer (undertakes to improve a supplier's performance and/or capabilities to meet the buyer's supply needs One of the activities that require supplier development is training programs, which is exactly what Harley-Davidson has done and still is doing. Harley-Davidson is offering full day seminars to its suppliers to educate them about the principles of JIT, changes in the cost accounting area and changes in its supplier relationships. Harley give not only training programs to its suppliers, but also to suppliers from suppliers or firms who are not even clients of Harley. Next to having a JIT program, suppliers are also required to have employee involvement programs and statistical operator controls. Harley-Davidson changes the term from statistical process control (SPC) to statistical operator control (SOC), because they want that the person who had direct contact with the materials, i.e. the operators, also have the responsibility for the quality. He can make his process better, because he is the one who is able to use the information that he has

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