Juror 8 12 Angry Men

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The entire movie is infused with debates and the arguments depicted move back and forth during the jury deliberation. Juror #8 in the movie always appears to be leading the other jurors and it was the old man’s testimony which played an important role in changing the minds of the jurors. Juror #9 conveyed the feelings of being an old man in need of attention. This juror needed to be quoted and his alienation from the mainstream happenings could be compensated by his deliberations in the entire jury verdict process and hence, he grabbed the opportunity to become someone from no one. He might have lied to find his self which was long lost. Juror #8 was concerned about the limp and he was inclined to describe how slowly the old man did walk. In a dramatic manner he acted before the court how the old man could have gone to the door to unlock it and he tried to convince other jurors and the judge that it would have taken him longer than 15 seconds to complete the operation. Such demonstration and persuasion was confusing for several other jurors.…show more content…
The juror added that they boy deliberately wanted to stand an alibi up before the investigators by conveying that the knife fell through a hole of his pocket. The jurors were jarred by the act performed by Juror #8 who, surprising the other jurors and all those present in the court by pulling out from his pocket a knife that resembled exactly the knife that was used to kill the boy’s father. From a pawn shop he did get the knife and this was the explanation which Juror #8 gave before those who were present in the

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