12 Angry Men

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The movie 12 Angry Men, according to Roger Ebert, an American film critic, is a high rated movie and has been given full recognition for its message and entertaining plot. The setting takes place in a jury room, which included twelve jurors who are yet to make a decision. Each juror must give his vote of guilty or non-guilty for the defendant, who is an eighteen year old boy accused of his father’s murder. Eleven of the jurors vote guilty, while one diligent man stood out by voting non-guilty, which is juror number eight. While viewing this movie, the viewers would think that the eleven others must convince the one that is opposed from them, but really, in the end, the one who voted not guilty persuaded them into changing their votes. Each…show more content…
The details uncovered in this case leave the viewers dumbfounded, about how such little detail can come a long way. Other than the interrogative details that the jurors must face, their opinions about this case contribute to the intensity. A setting in a movie can greatly affect the moods of the characters. For example, the juror’s room is very hot and humid, and caused some of the jurors to sweat heavily. As a result, they become angrier and more frustrated as they continue the discussion. It is obvious in the movie that jurors seven and one are aggravated from the heat. Therefore, causing the men to act very aggressively and talk in a hostile way. Another way the setting has an impact on the jurors is the weather. In this situation, the rain outside caused a sunken mood, and eventually upset juror number three. Before the rain had started, juror three was angry, but in no great emotional state. When the rain had started, he became very emotional and started to tear up, and eventually changed his vote to non-guilty. This shows exactly how a setting in a movie or in any other situation can have impact on the people surrounding. The setting in which the character were exposed to affected their mood. If the setting created depression it was likely to be rainy or gloomy, and vice…show more content…
The juror who gives a great example of this, is juror number ten. He takes this on a racist angle, ranting on about how “these people” have a nature of doing crimes such as this. He is saying that the defendant comes from a race that is known for dealing with crimes and illegal activities. As he keeps going on with his racist statement, the other jurors refused to be attentive and understand the issues, and that his accusation and reasoning is irrelevant from the case. Rethinking his statement again, juror ten changed his vote to

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