Antigone Vs Creon Character Analysis

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Sophocles wrote Antigone which is a play about a king and his niece. In Antigone the character are already doomed from the incest of Antigone’s father, Oedipus, and his mother. The two main characters are Antigone (protagonist) and Creon (antagonist), whose tragic flaws impact the end of the play. Antigone's tragic flaw is loyalty while Creon's tragic flaw is pride. Sophocles utilizes the three ironies for the development of characters such as Antigone and Creon, the utilization of the irony show us that Antigone is egotistical and childish while Creon is supercilious and hypocritical. Sophocles uses verbal irony to develop Antigone’s character by showing that she is egotistical and that she is childish. First, Antigone is being egotistical

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