Personification In The Old Man And The Sea

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We read “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway. In the novel the author uses symbolism, personification, and foreshadow/flashback to create the theme perseverance and overcoming obstacles. The book is sometimes boring and dull and needs some life to bring to pick up the book. There is a lot of personification in the book, personification can be funny to read and it’s used in a lot of books. For example, “How do you feel hand?”(58) Is personification he is giving emotion to a hand. The reader thinks, giving human emotion to something like a hand is a bit crazy to give it human feelings. The reader thinks can a hand be sad, can it be angry no it can’t because hands have no emotions. In addition, when Santiago says to the little bird “Take a good rest small bird”, “Then go in and take…show more content…
It seems, Santiago also encourage himself to carry on and keep fighting even though he was tried. Furthermore, when Santiago said there are three things that are brothers; the fish and my two hands. The reader believes he personifying his hands to think he strong like the marlin may be strong but I’m strong to. The reader believes even though Santiago hands hurt he believed that he could bring that marlin in. Writing about how Santiago personified a lot he wasn’t crazy he just like thinking everything was his friend. Foreshadow/flashback give a bit into the future and a blast to the past in the book he flashes back to childhood. For example when Santiago foreshadow “Unless sharks come” (68) he was looking into the future. The reader thinks Santiago know the sharks were going to come sooner or later. The reader thinks Santiago know what would happened if and when the sharks come. In Addition, I when Santiago says “You better be fearless” (84) he was talking to himself. It seems Santiago was trying to encourage the fish to circle. It seems Santiago know didn’t circle he would

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