Chaucer's Letter To The Wife Of Bath

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The well pronounced “Canterbury Tales” written by author and philosopher Geoffrey Chaucer speaks of a peculiar character known as the Wife of Bath, expressing her complex portrait on how it was to be a women during the medieval age. Chaucer who sought to change the mentality of society toward women used the Wife of Bath who illustrated a dominant uphold in challenging what was believed by society, in a way that she indulges a new female figure within the community. Alison best known as the Wife of bath had a strong will to defend herself as a women in such a way that she would question the scriptures of the bible in order to prove the point she was making. The Wife of Bath begins to contradict what the pilgrims and society believed regarding marriage. She proclaims what they are unable to disprove which is the word of God, by extracting verses from the bible that supported her beliefs. By being such a religious woman she comprehended what the bible is truly trying to say. She knows that what she is doing is not wrong as she is not committing adultery, knowing that it is just a belief that was given to society at that time having notion that she was a woman ahead of her time. “Welcome the sixth, whenever he befall” (Chaucer 52)…show more content…
This character defends the community of women rights and truly expresses how their ideologies were being challenged, despite doing the right thing it was never enough. Eventhough this tale was written in the medieval age it has come to resurface in present day what the WOB was struggling to defend, misogyny. Woman continue to struggle with discrimination as well as hatred all around the world , whether it be because of religion, culture or personal decision. Women are not alone in this fight as there are also men who defend them, we seek equality among both men and women and destroy the misogynistic boundaries that have been built since the time of the

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