Book Report: Gulp By Mary Roach

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This report is based upon the book, Gulp, written by Mary Roach. This book is arranged by how food get digested. The book begins with Roach talking about the Nose, then the tasting and the swallowing and everything thing after that. As the book goes on, Roach talks about the many things that involved with food and the digestive system. She gives many bizarre facts and tales. Every chapter, she talks about the things she discover with scientist, biologist and individuals that are specialized with things that are involved with the digestive tracts and eating. She basically gives the audience a tour of our insides and tackles questions no one has ever thought about. With every chapter, she goes through the process of digestion systems and adds many facts and interesting stories to go with it.…show more content…
For example, Dr. Silletti spends her most of her time working with saliva, not many people would want to do that everyday. Also, there is Horace Fletcher, who spend most of his time making people knowledge that we should chew our food 100 times per minute before swallowing, so that we could absorb more nutrients. There are also Van der Bilt who studies the neuromuscular elements of chewing. If I was to go on, it would take forever to tell you how there are many individuals in this book that are passionate. But the person I think that is the most passionate would be Ms. Roach, herself. Mary Roach, spends a great deal of her time doing research for her books and gaining new knowledge to share with other individuals. Roach never has free time, she devoted to her life traveling to discover new things so she can write her books. She also very very funny, not even one chapter goes by that there isn't laced with humor. She has to be one of the most funniest science

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