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Jon Krakauer, at one point in his life was an avid climber but has recently given up that natural hobby for a more subtle life. However when Outside Magazine asked him to write an article about the commercialism of Mount Everest, Krakauer knew he could not pass up that opportunity. Krakauer begins his story in the middle of it, as he stands on the top of the world. Krakauer explains how he could only stay on the summit for five minutes due to his lack of oxygen and as he begins his descent he notices the ominous clouds in the distance. Krakauer shift his story into chronological order. As he flew into Kathmandu he observes the summit of Everest and states “… it occurred to me that the top of Everest was precisely the same height as the pressurized…show more content…
After spending weeks at Base Camp, Krakauer and his group make a number of trips up to the other camps to speed up the acclimatization process. In the beginning of May, the group makes the summit push. Throughout the climb, Krakauer details his teammates, his guides and other expeditions on the mountain. He tries to piece together a continuous timeline of the events that take place in the weeks he is on the mountain. All of the clients have difficulty adjusting to the altitude, tiring easily, losing weight and moving slowly. The climbers' experience in mountain climbing and at high altitudes varies some of them are quite qualified, others very inexperienced and highly reliant on the…show more content…
Surprisingly on one the teammates, Beck Weathers, presumed dead stumbles his way into camp explaining how he remembers freezing and drifting unconsciously but summoned up the will to “ [wake] up enough to recognize that [he] was in deep trouble and the calvary wasn't coming so [he’d] better do something about himself’ (264). That night the camp was hit with the worst storm yet threatening to blow them off the edge. The survivors make there way back down the mountain when Krakauer realizes that there are half the amount of people there were when they ascended. When they successfully make it down to Camp Two they are welcomed with warmer weather and a surplus of supplies. The next morning a helicopter takes Beck and another and leaves the others without any worry or danger, however their time of reflecting has

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