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Many people decide to live their life in lonely, but only some of them select to live in the wild. The book, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and Everett Ruess by W.L. Rusho describes strong interesting colorful experience of two different person’s journey they went on. From the book Into the Wild the author stated the journey of Christopher McCandless. Into the Wild book does not starts with the birth of Christopher McCandless nor with the beginning of the journey that the book will indicate, but with an essential point late in Christopher McCandless's journey through the American West and his final meeting with other person before he enters the Alaskan wilderness. Similarly, the book Everett Ruess describes a journey of daring young explorer,…show more content…
In the book Into the Wild, it is described about what he caught each day and showed his gratefulness through his writings. McCandless stated that “it was morally indefensible to waste any part of an animal that has been shot for food”, which means that he, tried his best to save the meat of animals he shot for food, which also portrays his thoughts of nature as something, precious and very important for human being. Krakauer also praised McCandless, about what nature had stored for his craving and for fascinating natural events. However, according to the book, “devoted most of waking hours to fantasizing about, and then undertaking, ascents of remote mounts in Alaska and Canada”, which shows the time he spent dreaming on wilderness and people can interpret him as a person who deeply admires nature. McCandless gave all his savings to other people, left his family and friends and walked away in search of natural beauty and wilderness. He lived moving around wilderness for some years gathering with various people along the way. His final goal was to walk into the wilds of Alaska and get off the land. The author Krakauer has done very good work in his book Into the Wild, while following McCandless's indefinable sequence of journey and gathering all of the footprints and memories into a

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