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Chris Toubia Mr. Gutierrez AP Lang 25 August 2014 Into Thin Air Preview 1. 1. The main topic addressed within the story is a person’s inability to learn from their mistakes and honestly apply what they’ve learned to their future. After many had been killed, Hall’s team began dismounting the mountain when two Hungarians then tried to make it to the top of the summit. As a lack of preparation, one of them unfortunately died. Later, Paula Barton Viesturs, the manager of the base camp, is terrified when she hears that many people are still attempting to climb the summit that has brought so much doom to people’s lives. Paula admitted her disbelief in people’s acts, saying, “After all that had happened, I couldn't believe they'd really go back up there.” Although many had perished on this journey, nobody quite learned their lesson, as they allowed ignorance and pride to take over as they continued the trek…show more content…
At the start, the books is rather confusing as it has no set organization. Instead of something more linear, it jumps back and forth arbitrarily from date to date. However, as the story progresses, a linear pattern begins to form and the story becomes much easier to comprehend. Much foreshadowing was used by the author to build up to the argument. Initially, there was “approximately one death for every four climbers who’d reached the summit” (Krakaur 38). This illustrates the difficulty of reaching the peak and the improbability of someone completing the journey. Towards the middle, Krakaur says that “According to Lopsang, during the fifteen minutes Fischer spent on the summit, he complained that he wasn't feeling well-something the congenitally stoic guide almost never did” (Krakaur 33). As a result of this statement, it is foreshadowed that something grim is soon happening. At the end, Krakaur mentions that “Predetermined turn-around times were egregiously ignored” (Krakaur 295). In conclusion, as a result of an ignorant mistake, the outcome will be

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