Joint Warfare Advantages

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Joint warfare is a combine effort between the different service forces in planning and performing military operations under a single command. Although there is many advantages on joint warfare, it is still a challenge to combine all different services into one single service. In olden days, ground troops moving across to the other side of the land, which is separated by a vast sea, would require ship as transport. These ship acts as a joint operation to support the army for military mission. Without the assistance of the naval, the troop would never get across to complete its mission. On 7 Dec 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy launches a surprise attack with its six aircraft carriers on Pearl Harbour which housed the United States naval base.…show more content…
Let take a look at the Canadian Armed Forces (CF) which had unified the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force on 1 February 1968. With the merging of the three services, their identities and traditions were lost. “This involved a makeover of the rank structure, a new single-service uniform, and new badges and names for branches.” (2) These changes had lead to the objection and resignation of several senior officers. This is particularly impactful with “the disappearance of the word ‘Royal’ from the names of the branches” (2) where the Navy and Air Force could no longer be proud of after years of using their names for military operations. The Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force names are revived on 16 Aug 2011 “to restore military heritage and pay tribute to the victories of wars past” (3). However, this will not change to original objective of the CF which is to have a unified command…show more content…
However, Hellyer had totally ignored the fact that each service had different operational role when it come to tactical especially. “The high-intensity campaign in southern Afghanistan has highlighted the pressing need to improve the soldier’s basic individual field skills, and the army has, for the most part, been fulfilling this training function for all elements of the CF” (4). This is true as the soldiers are trained under a common military school during unification where specialisation is very vague. “Efficiency in defence spending may not have been Hellyer’s fundamental aim of unification” (4). Hellyer purposed to unified the services is to reduce similar work scope in the different services thereby increase efficiency in administration and management which had defeated the ideal of joint service initially. As the formation of CF is through the unification of different services, it might take a significant amount of time to resolve the various issues. However, the Israel Defence Force (IDF) is quite different from the rest which is also a single

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