Exxon Mobil Case Analysis Essay

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ExxonMobil Corporation Strategy Analysis Company Overview (with ticker symbol) ExxonMobil is a US based oil and gas production company that has its headquarters in Texas and in terms of sales revenues it is the eight largest company throughout the world. The name ExxonMobil indicates that it was formed with the merger of a New Jersey oil company Exxon and a New York based firm Mobil, which right now manufactures 3.9 million barrels of oil on daily basis. As the numbers indicate that the production value of this company is really high and it supplies oil to nearly 3% of the total population of the world making it one of the largest oil production firm in the world. Although there are some other firms also that brag of having equally high production numbers but all of them are owned by state or the government while this firm has totally different governance structure where the main management strategy is to provide the shareholders of the company with maximum profit. Such management methods along with various other issues like their process of extracting natural gas and the method of releasing oil in the spills have brought the company to the limelight for scrutiny.…show more content…
In the earlier years, the firm had decided to explore other mining options like coal and copper but they were later abandoned to focus on production of natural gas and oil as now they supply for nearly 3% of the total natural gas and oil demand for the world. Their major service areas are in the United States but they supply to some other parts of the world too. Although their methods of extracting natural gas have been questioned but they have taken the note of this issue and are looking for less harmful ways of extracting energy to canter the needs of USA and Africa along with Middle east as their main

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