Tqm In Malaysia Case Study

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Additionally, the Institute of Quality Malaysia, the Quality Management Consultants (QMC), and the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), were also set up to facilitate the development of quality management and have been actively promoting TQM concepts and its effective implementation in Malaysia. “All these efforts by the above mentioned bodies have productively enabled many organizations in Malaysia to pursue quality management approaches and obtain ISO 9000 certification in order to sustain their competitive advantages. According to ISO (2010), the report of ISO survey conducted indicate that the number of ISO certifications issued in Malaysia has increased from 3,076 in December 2003 to 15,303 in December 2010. Although, certification…show more content…
Agus (2004) carried out a study aiming at identifying the relationship between TQM and the overall performance of the public service sector in Malaysia, covering a randomly picked 860 officers and customers as respondents. The study highlights a strong and positive association of TQM with overall service performance and customer satisfaction. The findings also suggest that an emphasis on quality would result in organizational improvement” Poh and Hamid (2001) conducted a comparison on the management practices of TQM and non-TQM organizations from the standpoint of middle level employees. The results showed that the TQM and the non TQM practicing organizations’ performances differed significantly. Another comparative study was conducted by Aziz, Chan and Metcalfe (2000), whereby a comparison was made between the quality practices of manufacturing organizations in the UK and in Malaysia. The result showed that there are a number of differences as well as similarities in the relevance of the quality practices between the two

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