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Prior to the Transport Revolution the movement of commercial good and people was not only extremely time consuming but it was also extremely expensive. Methods such as canals and roads were used to move goods form one areas to another, however these goods must have no time constant due to the time that it to be transported. To move goods by road was a very expensive, quicker than any other mode of transport at this time, however in modern terms still very slow. The use of canals to move goods such as coal or turf was ideal due to the long shelf life however these methods of transports were not much good for products like milk or eggs that would go bad before reaching a destination. New methods of moving goods were developed during the transport revolution such as steam navigation, thus allowing ships to travel on a schedule rather than when the wind was strong enough . The transport revolution also…show more content…
The innovation of railways allows trade to happen at a much faster pace . Goods can be transported from the countryside to port regions like Cork or Dublin to be put on scheduled steam ships which would be headed to the United Kingdom and their much larger market. Places such as Kinsale benefited greatly from this, as Kinsale during the summer months is a fishing hub catching anything from Atlantic salmon to shellfish such as crab or lobster. Some of the same would be sold locally in markets with Kinsale and the surrounding areas but the majority of it would be loaded on to the railway headed for Cork City. In Cork more of the salmon would be unloaded and sold by fish mongers in the English Market, while the remainder and the vast majority of the shell fish would be brought to the dock where it would be put on ships headed for England. The price of fish but more so shellfish was much higher in England thus fishermen were making more money by exporting their products

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