Essay On Religion And Coping

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INTRODUCTION Religion plays an important role in people’s lives and influences many aspects of our human existence. It is also intimately connected to physical health, including a wide variety of beliefs, emotions, and behaviors, some of which are constructive to human functioning and some dysfunctional. Some religious practices that characterize a spiritual life can be viewed as a sign of physical disturbance, while others might buffer against physical illness. The ways in which religiousness is connected with psychological functioning are thus very intricate and multifaceted. A potential factor that can help us explain those relationships is found in the form of coping with stress. Sometime people use their religion as their coping strategy to deal or overcome with their stressors or health problems. Religious coping comprises the various ways people use their religion and faith to manage stressful situations. Coping strategies draw on social, cognitive, spiritual and behavioral aspects of an individual’s faith. While experiencing negative physical states individuals often rely on coping mechanisms and strategies that can alleviate their level of stress and pain. Many people turn to religion in…show more content…
According to him there are three main good reasons of establishing this theory that shows the religion and coping skill are correlated: (1) the understanding of the human coping responses to the extraordinary moments remains incomplete without the appreciation of religion. (2) the study of religious coping also provide an opportunity to learn more about religion. the individuals have turned their attention to the role of religion in the most perplexing, difficult time of life. (3) the religious coping strategies have some practical implications as "shake people up" to cope or overcome their
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