Leo Vs Stargirl Research Paper

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Courage is something that a person does that makes them look funny or is embarrassing. It could also make you look cool or selfless, like standing up to the school bully, or going off a huge jump that you have never gone off before. Some people use courage every day like firemen. Firemen have to save people and animals from burning buildings. Another example is the men and the woman that serve in the army, they have to go to war against crazy guys running around with guns. Leo and Stargirl show different acts of courage in different ways and at different times however they are both courageous. Stargirl is a lot more courageous than Leo. Stargirl is more courageous that Leo because she can pull off a weird name that nobody has ever heard before. Stargirl is also more courageous because she dances plays the ukulele and sings happy birthday to people in front of the whole school. Another reason Stargirl is more courageous is that she goes on the Hot Seat and gets yelled at by they jury and made fun of but does not believe any thing that they say. Stargirl also goes and helps Kovac at the basketball game when not even his cheerleaders go and help him. Those are just some reasons why I think Stargirl is more courageous than Leo.…show more content…
I think that Leo is kind of courageous because he likes unusual neck ties. Leo also moves away from his uncle and goes to a new school. Another courageous act of Loe’s includes walking Stargirl to class. As you can see Leo has some courageous acts but not as much as Stargirl. Here is another fact that supports Leo being less courageous than Stargirl.Leo knows that if Stargirl goes on the Hot Seat it will go wrong. However, he does not have enough courage to tell her that she should not go on the Hot Seat. Those are Just a few reasons why Stargirl is more courageous than

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