Why Do Military Challenge Coins

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The armed forces have given the United States a defense for freedom, which the Americans have been blessed with for so many years now. Challenge coins are a tradition of the military and believed to have started almost a decade ago during the WWI. A lot of units claim that they initiated this practice but the most believed account is that custom challenge coins were started by the US Army Air Corps. The military challenge coins tradition has been passed on to many more generations. These coins are treasured as symbols and keepsakes up to now. Members of the military are expected to perform well and some of them even go further than the high expectations. Sometimes, a military personnel’s competence and act of courage is deemed outstanding and they are appropriately appreciated by their superiors. This is in the form of a verbal expression of gratitude, a handshake or a certificate of appreciation. But giving out custom challenge coins is another means for the military to be appreciated for their extraordinary devotion to their job. These unique coins are quite significant to them. Challenge coins have different sizes, designs,…show more content…
For instance, a soldier could acquire challenge coins from the Base Exchange and present them to their fellow soldier for certain acts. Generally, if the challenge coin is more unique, the more significant it is. But depending on the circumstances in which the coin is given, even a ready-made challenge coin purchased at the Base Exchange could be very much meaningful for the recipient. Also, challenge coins are not necessarily presented within the same military unit. At times, someone from one military unit who frequently works together with someone from another military unit would want to acknowledge that soldier’s accomplishment. They do so by giving them custom challenge coins and that could also be very significant for

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