Comparing The Three Criminal Ideologies

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The three criminal ideologies are conservative, liberal and radical. Conservatives place high importance on protecting social order. They want to protect the innocent and often when a crime is committed sympathize heavily with the victim and see the criminal justice system as being too easy on the offender. The want strict harsh punishments for offenders in hopes that the consequence will stop any further offenses and deter other people from wanting to commit crimes. Conservatives feel (1) that people are responsible for their own actions whether they are good or bad and that rather than rehabilitate the offender, the focus should be on punishing them ( Cullen and Gillbert Ideology). Conservatives want to uphold and maintain traditional values…show more content…
Radical Ideology sees that under our current government true equality will not be achieved. The powerful will do anything to keep that from happening, keeping them in power and thus causing crime. They feel that (3)when the social state rises and our capitalistic world fails then we will have social justice , then establishing New Social Order ( Cullen and Gillbert Ideology). I personally follow a more conservative ideology. I know this through the way I am raising my children with traditional values and a sense of respect, right and wrong, and learning through consequences. I also believe that an offender should be punished for their actions and that the system is too lenient, everyone has a choice and when you make the wrong one there is a consequence. Our world is getting worse but at the same time parents are constantly having to worry about if they do this or that to punish their children for their actions, will someone come and take them away; therefore less and less punishments are given leaving children to behave how they want and have no respect for authority leading them down a road to eventually committing

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