Persuasive Speech On Homelessness

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I come to you today with a very serious issue. First, however, I would have you please close your eyes and attempt to mentally depict what I’m saying. Imagine waking up slowly, that relaxing sleepy feeling, almost as if you were in water, floating listlessly through soft sheets and warm comforters. Now imagine doing the same, but on a park bench wet with dew or cold cement sidewalk leaving a bumpy imprint on your face and side. Hungry, an empty hollow feeling in your body that resonates deep within your body. I will now allow you to open your eyes but would greatly appreciate your continued attention and empathy. I of course present to you the very serious issue of homelessness in America, and its increasing illegality. I would first like to give you a brief overview of homelessness. According to HUD or the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, “in January 2014, 578,424 people were homeless on a given night. Most (69 percent) were staying in residential programs for homeless people, and the rest (31 percent) were found in unsheltered locations unfit for humane human habitation such as the streets, abandoned buildings,…show more content…
The first is by requiring groups to comply with superfluous and stringent food-safety regulations to discourage charitable food-sharing. Since 2013, four cities passed laws that restricted organizations from sharing food on the grounds of food and safety. The second legislative method used to limit organizations’ abilities to share food with the homeless is to place restrictions on the use of public property. Individuals and organizations are generally required in this circumstance to obtain a permit, often for a hefty fee, to share food with homeless in a park or other public space. In 2013-2014, 12 cities passed food-sharing laws that required individuals or groups to obtain a permit to distribute food on public

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