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Jamaica Kincaid A teacher in Vermont, a featured writer, Jamaica Kincaid was born Elaine Potter Richardson in Antigua and Barbosa where she spent her youth before coming to the United States. She was the oldest of the four children her mother had. Unfortunately, she was discriminated in her family and her other three brothers were given preference over her. She was sent by her mother to the US to earn for the family. But her rough childhood had paved a different path for her. She chose to defy her parents by not sending them any money. Due to which she faced many hardships, but with her dedication and effort she was able to pursue her passion of writing. Her main themes of writing have included the post colonial era, neo colonialism, sexuality,…show more content…
Since, her relation with her mother was also quite similar, as her mother wasn’t very fond of her. This reflects of the expectations and the demands her mother had from her. Not only her mother, but the society as a whole. This story is set in the late 70’s, an era where the men and women probably didn’t have equal rights, where women were considered to be of a lower stature then men. Therefore, these things were expected from the girl so that she can accepted into the society. The story is titled the ‘Girl’, which is a very ironic title, as we see its not the girl, it’s the mother that speaks almost everything. This story by Jamaica, is unique. We see that there is no character development as there is not a single name taken in the story. But surprisingly, Jamaica still manages to get so attached to the girl in such a short time. Probably the reason for the writer to not take a name is for the reader to decide things on his instincts, experiences and state of mind. Also, not taking any names could show that the girl, doesn’t just mean on single girl, the problems she faces aren’t just related to her, its something every woman faces in her girlhood. And the mother, could just mean the whole society. The expectations the whole society has from girls. The indications given by Jamaica is brilliant and are completely left for the reader to interpret. The tone of the story changes quite a few…show more content…
Just like the previous story, Jamaica also writes this in first person, where the protagonist is a girl. The story has the most ironic title, because the first line in the story reads “My mother died when I was born”. By this story, I believe, Jamaica has tried to convey her own struggles, her own life experiences but in a different manner. Instead of using having a plot in the story, Jamaica uses the beauty of the language by utilizing characterization, metaphors and genres to highlight the fact that hardships, the inescapabilty of women in a patriarchal society. The story, in many aspects highlights her own life through the girl ‘Xuela’, including her struggle with her parents, her monetary problems and not only the negatives, she also highlights the fact that she was able to get a primary education, in a post colonial era where it was almost impossible for the women to get educated. Jamaica through Xuela’s voice highlight her style of narration, which is in various incidents self contradictory, which makes us doubt her veracity. Xuela’s mother only appears in her dreams, which Jamaica has probably depicted to paint a contradictory picture as compared to her father. Alfred acts as an agent of Xuela’s isolation, especially in terms of her being a

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