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The author of the journal Opening the Conversation with Patients, Eric Ries, is an associate editor for the APTA organization. This journal addresses the spectrum of patient/client familiarity and experiences regarding physical therapy, and its importance within the initial evaluation process. Highly regarded physical therapists were interviewed within the article, contributing thoughts, and discussing the best method in progressing patients to where they need to be by meeting them at their point of entry. This is to inquire how they arrived at that point, how they feel currently, as well as any future goals in mind. Although each therapist’s approach is somewhat different, the end result is to arrive at the same place, viewing the patient in their entirety. Any therapist or future therapist would benefit from reading this article; it emphasizes on how to open a conversation with patients and providing optimal patient care.…show more content…
Kirsch instilled in DeCaro the significance in “patient point of view”. According to Kirsch this involves what experiences the patient has had with physical therapy, if any, and its role in patient care. DeCaro found that in the initial evaluation she wanted to immediately establish her skills, however she felt that opening a conversation that first determined the history of the patient’s experiences, as well as expectations, would help the patient feel more content. Debra Alviso PT, DPT, OCS, owner of a private practice, feels it imperative to investigate and figure out the point of entry, which is the key to successfully evaluating the

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