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Edan Mor 9th Grade Debby Arzt-Mor_______________ Boaz Mor________________ Annie John Jamaica Kincaid, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1985 New York SUBJECT: Annie John is about Annie, a girl, growing up in Antigua. THEME: I have learned what kind of person Annie John is, and how much she changes when growing up from age ten to age seventeen. CHARACTERS: Annie: Annie John is the main character in Annie John. Annie secretly likes to play marbles, she likes to read, and when she was little, she loved to play games. As Annie grows up, she becomes a two-sided person. On one side, she is a very smart, polite, kind, and respectable girl; just the way her mother wants her to be. On the other side, Annie is a witty, mischievous, sneaky, secretive, and sometimes…show more content…
The main conflicts are Man vs. Man, and Man vs. Self. Annie has many conflicts with her mother throughout the book. All the conflicts between Annie and her mother start when her mother tells her that they can’t be exactly the same and that they are not the same person. This is when Annie starts to hate her mother. Throughout the book, Annie gets into several fights with her mother. She also lies to her mother, which shows another conflict. Annie lies about playing marbles to her mother, she also tells her mother that she is seeing landscapes for her art class, when she is actually secretively meeting Gwen and The Red Girl – as we know her. One example of where Annie lies to her mother is when her mother asks, “Where are your marbles?” and she replies, “I don’t have any marbles,” when she actually…show more content…
Annie’s conflicts with her mother change Annie starting at an early part of the book. The conflicts change her relationship with her mother and with other people. When Annie and her mother start fighting, she begins to hate her mother and she becomes more of a mad character when she is around her mother. Due to this conflict, Annie also grows to become her own person, and to not be “Just like my mother” – as she was as a young child. This change is significant because it leads to Annie doing things differently than in the beginning of the

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