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The story of Hera and Zeus took place one day when Zeus was walking in the region of Hesperides. He saw Hera and then eventually fell in love with her. One cold night he transformed himself into a bird and flew up to Hera's window. He pretending to be cold she felt bad for the bird, and then took it inside with her. Inside the house he transformed back and made love with Hera. After making love with her he grabbed her and took her to the mountain of Cithaeron to make her wife legal so she could cover her shame. Their marriage of Zeus and Hera took place in the garden of Hesperides, everyone attending to the wedding. Her was given a wonderful wedding dress and she was also amazed by getting wonderful gifts especially Gaea, the goddess…show more content…
Hera's symbols are peacock, cow, and wedding ring, and Hera's favorite flowers were poppy's Lilly's and dittany's. Hera's siblings were Zeus, Hestia, Demeter, Hades, and Poseidon. Hera was Zeus's wife and sister. her parents were Rhea and Cronus, she also had 3 children; Ares, Hephaestus, and Hebe. Ares was the god of war, Hephaestus was god of fire and Hebe was the goddess of youth. The news of Zeus's fast marriage spread fast and Hera soon to announce the birth of there son. Hera's weaknesses were defender of the sanctity of marriage and monogamy. Her was one of the 12 gods who had a permanent home. Hera had a few qualities like when she got injured and hurt she never forgot about it. Many people were jealous of Hera because she was very beautiful but she was always jealous and vain about other people. Hera never forgave anyone when they had any kind of relationship with Zeus even if they were innocent in the situation. Zeus had a lot of relationships interaction after he got married with Hera so she decided to spend most of her time getting back at Zeus so when Zeus's girlfriends had babies she tried to get rid of them like she tried to do with Heracles. Hera hated Heracles, Zeus son because it wasn't her son it was with a different person so she tried killing him by putting 2 snakes in his crib but Heracles just went and killed the snakes by strangling the

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