Chesapeake Colonies Vs New England Colonies

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New England and Chesapeake were both the starting points of British colonization of North America, and one would think that the two areas would be very much alike. However around the turn of the century, it became very clear that the unique social/governmental, religious, and geographic/economic features of the Chesapeake and New England colonies have shaped the two British colonies into two distinct societies. The scattered settlers of the hot swampy Chesapeake Bay area settled for a much more agricultural based industry of tobacco, indigo and rice while in the New England colonist opted for a natural goods/ manufacturing type economy. The colonists in New England were much more faith-oriented because they sailed to North America for religious…show more content…
The Chesapeake Bay colonies were positioned in the Southern part of North America and the marshy land and dry fields were excellent for growing tobacco, rice and indigo. Out of these labour intensive crops the tobacco, “the bewitching weed,” was the most profitable to grow and sell however the amount of work required produced a need for indentured servants and much later slaves imported from Africa. As a result of the demand for tobacco, the Chesapeake saw a rise of a wealthy planter class that brought in most of the wealth in the south and also had the most working hands, as mentioned before this led to a wealth gap between the poor back country farmers and the rich aristocratic plantation owners. (Doc H) The Chesapeake colonists also saw a higher mortality rate by the cause of their residency in a swamp land and the humid, hot weather which led to diseases such as malaria and generally other mosquito-borne illnesses. In the New England regions there were a lot of tradesmen who were skilled workers and the farmers there planted crops that needed less tending and labour than their southern counterparts. Also they exported fish, lumber, and rum from their harbors. The two focuses of for economic gain were very different the New England colonies prefered to farm as much as they need with a little surplus…show more content…
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