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Have you ever made a wish that came true, but you didn’t want it anymore after it did? George, the main character or protagonist of “The Greatest Gift” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”, who stood on a bridge ready to jump the night of Christmas Eve; contemplating how to tragically ending his life until an Angel came to save him. He wished that he had never been born instead of taking his own life and the Angel granted his wish. The story “The Greatest Gift” was written by Philip Van Doren Stern and Frank Capra directed a film based on it. The film ended up winning a Golden Globe for Best Director - Motion Picture. “It's a Wonderful Life” was released in 1946 and it remains a holiday classic today. People of all ages love this movie. The narrative,…show more content…
The story and movie are similar in their conflict, climax, and resolutions. The conflict of both of the stories is the fact that George is miserable with the direction his life has taken, he doesn't want to be alive anymore. But how they lead up to the resolution and what happens after is different. The differences lie in the rising and falling actions. In the story, the rising action begins with George is on the bridge, thinking about jumping. A stranger who is unknown, an angel, shows George all of the positives in his life. He still doesn’t want to live, so he says aloud that he wishes he had never been born. The angel granted this spur of the moment wish. The angel hands him a bag of brushes and that was George’s way into his loved one’s homes. The bank was closed! George’s bank! It was covered in leaves and the lights were off. What had happened, he left the light on earlier and the porch was always clean? There was no scar on the tree either. He makes his way over to his parent’s house and his brother wasn’t there. Harry had died because George wasn’t there to save him. Next, he goes to Mary’s house and she’s married to Art Jenkins the other guy who had dated Mary around the same time as him. They have 2 kids and Arty is an alcoholic. Mary his would have been wife is stressed, exhausted and miserably unhappy. George rushes back to the bridge and he begs for his life back. He hadn’t seen it before but he has made a…show more content…
He could hear from his bad ear again, his mouth had stopped bleeding from the punch. He had nothing in his pockets. Not his life insurance policy. Not Zuzu’s petals. Nothing at all. Nobody knew his name or who he was. Bedford Falls is no longer Bedford Falls, it’s Pottersville now. Harry had died because George wasn’t there to save him. Mr. Gower had poisoned that child and now he’s a panhandler who was in jail. Violet was being dragged out of a club and she wasn’t acting like her usual kind self. The house was gone nobody had lived in it for twenty years. Mary worked at the library and had never married. Uncle Billy ended up in an asylum and George’s mother runs a boarding house and she definitely isn’t

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