Italian Immigrants In The 19th Century

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Italians have been congregating in great populations in Philadelphia since the late 1600’s. They have truly transformed the city into a full-blooded little Italy. The group has an in-depth historical background, religious beliefs and practices that describes the path they took to Philadelphia and how they still remain one of the largest Italian American populated cities today. Italians who migrated to Philadelphia during the Colonial Era of U.S. had high class upbringings and were considered very accomplished in music, art and business. These Italians from the 18th century that migrated were mainly from a city called Genoa Province, Liguria. Majority of the Italian men fled Italy leaving their wives and children behind. Although…show more content…
They unfortunately faced poverty at first along with being in an unfamiliar and unfavorable country. Through the 19th Century, Italians who migrated to southern Philadelphia came from run down peasant villages in southern Italy and were from lower economic upbringings. The main reason for immigration to the states was poverty. Making enough money to purchase land was a huge motivator as well for them. It was very appealing to the Italians to immigrate to America because of greater wages that American laborers received. Unfortunately the skills that were learned by the immigrants in Italy were not in high demand, which made it hard to adjust to the community. The Italians realized that working in the United States wasn’t as glorious as they though it would be. They did the dirty work that no one else really wanted to do. The Italians were considered of much lower class than the Americans and they were looked at as stupid incompetent human beings. The Italians had to assimilate to the American way of living essentially adopting a completely new culture. They learned to speak English on their own, find jobs that would pay decent and then start their own businesses. The Italians managed to prosper on their own

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