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“A Model of Christian Charity” and “The Laws of Pennsylvania”. Back in the 1630s; 1640s, two famous documents were created with the motive to achieve a connection between God and the people, “A Model of Christian Charity” and “The Laws of Pennsylvania”. Although the purpose of both documents may have seemed similar, their ideals were quite different from each other. Due to the migration of the Puritans to New England; “A Model of Christian Charity” (series of sermons) created by John Winthrop (puritan leader of the migration) with the purpose to guide their community into the practice of selfless to serve God in such way. The Puritan community was very into the concept of “your brothers’ needs before yours” which they applied it in almost everything they did in their daily life. The law of gospel propounds for instance, according to the document, “There is a time when a Christian must sell all and give to the poor, as they…show more content…
Puritans would be taught a set of guidelines according to the document; no man is more worthy than another (57) as well as, one also should behave in a way that would show that they are representing God. Especially when it came to serve their own community, they were supposed to show mercy to their brothers, help them because they must always consider first their brothers concerns before theirs, as it states, “We must help our Christian brother beyond our ability, rather than tempt God in putting him upon help by miraculous or extraordinary means.” (58), which means, Christian brothers are meant to show compassion and reject selfishness, and have mercy to them. As at the same time, avoid to give God concerns when they can take charge of them themselves if are in their

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