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The Blizzard of 1888 The blizzard of 1888 changed the way America dealt with winter storms. They called it the great white hurricane ( God lets the snow come from the sky he lets it fall for a reason. In Job 37:6 it say God lets it snow. Snowstorms are considered blizzards when the wind is 35 mile an hour, temperatures are below 20 degrees, and blowing snow (Christian 77). The blizzard of 1888 was one of the most vicious storms of the day. It happened in March. March is a very wired month in winter. In March, it could be very warm one day and ice cold the next. The storm left many people in the cold. Many people had to tough out the storm. Many of the immigrants wanted to keep their jobs; that means they needed to be at work every day. The railroad companies had to deal with it as well. Numerous trains were stuck in the snow. The blizzard took everything to the extreme even going out to the store a block down would be hard. On March 10, 1888, a Saturday, from Virginia to Maine it was unusually warm. People were going out to parks and having picnics. Even the president and his wife went to their country home to take a break. It was the warmest winter ever recorded. At the beginning of the winter, John J. Meisinger bought 3,000 wooden shovels for his store. Many people laughed at him. They called him “snow shovel…show more content…
He was a God fearing man and he knew about the passage in Job. He knew God did this for a reason. Not all the trains that were supposed to arrive arrived. He suspected that the trains were stuck. He ended up hiring 1,000 Italian immigrants to shovel the railroad by hand. The men uncovered 8 feet of track and then they hit hard frozen snow. They had to use pickaxes to pick it away. They cleared three feet and then Depew realized that it was a dyeing battle. The track that they had already uncovered was being covered

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