Islam: The Five Pillars Of Islam

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The world was expanding and changing like never before; there was a Renaissance taking place, an enlightenment which began revolutionizing and shifting the power structures of the world. Many countries began altering their sea routes with new technologies, which allowed additional trading, exchanging, and subsequently dominating the new worlds they encountered. . During the course of converting their sea routes: these countries were, propelling themselves into prosperous, wealthy and powerful positions. Having dominance in addition to power shaped new ways to claim land, set up ports of trade, and create colonies either formerly or informally. Which, generated treasures, land, and influence in those countries. The money and power validated the techniques some counties…show more content…
. The Great Muslim Empires with their elite governmental armies were no longer expanding neither their territories nor trade routes, coupled with losing land, corrupt leadership, and massive governmental costs, they declined and imploded… The great nations of Islam were not afraid to live amongst others who practiced aother faith. Allah was with them, he gave them a guide on how to lve. The five pillars and the korn would enrich he quality of harmony and grac, sae and . ir pillars of faith which The five pillars of Muslims believers trained them in the ways they should live throughut te world. everwhere.. Living life based o the five pillars of faith created a solid foundation for Islamic believers more overly t created may ideologies which kept them safe,. Children were taken from the Christian factions and after the became believers of the is;amc faih and were recognize a the elte in government . they bacme lazy and did not kep ; with the technology of modern wrfare. Hey became lazy and complacent. Tey only fought in ertain months throughut the
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