What Is The Great Gatsby Account For Daisy's Death

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The Great Gatsby is a story of love and loss, told through the eyes of Nick Carraway. Nick is neighbors with the “Great Gatsby,” or Jay Gatsby.Gatsby was a poor man who became wealthy through illegal activity in an attempt to obtain the love of Daisy. Daisy, however, is already married to Tom Buchanan. The story follows both men's’ attempts to have Daisy’s love. The book’s main conflict revolves around the love that both Gatsby and Tom share for Daisy. Daisy loved Gatsby but he was poor, so she married Tom because he was wealthy. Gatsby sets off to become rich, and becomes successful through criminal activity. He then comes back to claim Daisy as his wife but Tom acts as if Daisy is his possession, despite the fact he is cheating on her with…show more content…
As a result, Gatsby’s father and Nick are the only people that attend his funeral. After the funeral, Nick sees Tom Buchanan, and learns that Tom was indirectly involved with Gatsby’s death. Nick shakes Tom’s hand, because he realizes that Tom sincerely believes that his actions were justified. After the funeral, Nick prepares to leave, because Gatsby, his one true friend, had died. Before he leaves, he goes to Gatsby’s mansion and explains to the readers that we all have dreams, but they are influenced by our past. Gatsby’s dream was to obtain Daisy, but his criminal past prevented him from doing so. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ending was great, because it depicts a disillusioned version of the American dream, which is that everybody has the opportunity to become prosperous. Gatsby spent a lot of money to make friends and find love, but his only true friend was the one that he didn’t have to buy. Gatsby cheated to obtain his money by selling illegal alcohol and trading stolen securities, and that is why he is never truly prosperous. In the end, he worked hard to be liked, but when he died, it was as if he had never

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