How To Write A Book Report On The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby was published in 1925. It was published by Charles Scribner’s Son. The American novel was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. He was born on September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, MN. He has been known for his imagistic and poetic prose. He is also known for the book the Jazz Age.The Great Gatsby was set in New York during the 1920s. It was after World War I and right before the Great Depression. Also, during the 1920s the stock business was booming.In the Great Gatsby,Fitzgerald describes some of the characters as party crazed and alcoholic.Another aspect of the Great Gatsby was the historical roots focused on the 18th amendment, which made it illegal to manufacture, sell, or transport liquor in the US. Then that started…show more content…
Then, he sees this big mansion next door and wonders who is the man they call Mr. Gatsby. He travels across the bay,to the more fashionable,East Egg. There lives his cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom Buchanan. There he meets, professional golfer, Jordan Baker. When Nick returns home, he notice Mr. Gatsby standing at the end of the dock, reaching for a green light across the bay. The next day, Tom invited Nick for a scroll around town. That’s when Nick meets Tom’s mistress, Myrtle Wilson, whose husband runs a gas station. Then, they go to Tom and Myrtle secret apartment, where they get drunk and party hard. Then, Tom and Myrtle are arguing and Tom, out of anger, breaks Myrtle’s nose. Nick returns home with an invitation to Gatsby’s party, which is so worthy cause nobody gets invitation. During the party, Nick gets really drunk. Then, he is talking to a man, who turns out to be Jay Gatsby. Over the summer, Nick and Gatsby become real good friends. Then, Nick finds out that Gatsby is really in love with Daisy. One day,Nick decides to set up a tea section to reunite Gatsby and Daisy. Then, Gatsby invites both of them to his house, where Daisy realizes that Gatsby is richer

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