Texas Park Ranger Career Paper

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Part Two: For this assignment I have chosen the career as a Texas Park Ranger. As a park ranger, it would be my basic duty to protect the natural areas that the park encloses. The average salary depends on how deep you get into the ranger system. Usually it ranges from $30,000 to $80,000 a year depending on the level of park ranger you are. One of the first things that an official looks for when hiring is the obtainment of a Bachelor’s degree in recreation administration, resource management, or natural sciences. Beyond the degree, there are several examinations that must be performed in order to be considered as an employee. First of all, all considerable employees must pass a drug test, pass a psychological and physical exam, have a successful…show more content…
Through Boy Scouts, I learned the importance of protecting the lands, the principles of Leave No Trace, the safety precautions when using the environment to your advantage, and the overall ideas of being a handyman. My childhood home was located in what many would call, “the sticks.” I had no internet, my summers were spent outside, and the nearest city of a population over ten thousand was forty five minutes away. Therefore, the Boy Scouts fit me perfectly. As a scout, you get a taste of managing areas. One of the top ranks of a troop is being the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL). These leaders practically run the troop with the occasional help of the Scout Master. I was almost always the one who was voted SPL and soon enough I had become a leader, a motivator, and a boy who respected the earth. That is how my mind wondered onto being a park ranger. There are similarities that help transcend into becoming an actual official and protector of the parks. What I learned growing up can still be utilized today as an adult. This passion for maintaining a land, showing off nature’s gems, and the pure fact of being at a place of work that God so masterly crafted is an astounding

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