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“Why me?” It is safe to say that nearly every human being has said or thought these two words after something they thought was unfair or tragic had occurred in their life. This was the case for Nancy Kerrigan, whose figure skating career almost came to an abrupt stop due to a rough whack on her lower right thigh (The Believer). When compared to Nancy Kerrigan, figure skater Tonya Harding always saw herself as the underdog (Bleacher Report). “Kerrigan had grace. Harding had athleticism. Kerrigan had elegance. Harding had aggression” (The Believer). Although the qualities that the two competitor’s possessed seemed to make the two women equal, the judges tended to not want Harding’s extreme athleticism, they wanted Kerrigan’s artistry (…show more content…
National Championship (Bleacher Report). Stant found out where Kerrigan was practicing a few days before the U.S. National Championship, drove there, scoped out the area, and planned his attack. Directly after Kerrigan finished practicing for the championship, Stant followed a cameraman who was following Kerrigan and struck her on her lower right thigh (her landing leg) with a black, collapsible baton. Stant then broke through the glass on his then-locked escape door, disposed of the weapon, and jumped into the getaway car, driven by Smith (Bleacher Report, The Believer). All of the men had confessed to being involved in the attack by February 1994 (Bleacher Report). Harding, however, claimed from the beginning or the whole ordeal that she had nothing to do with it (Bleacher Report). It was later discovered that she ascertained information about the attack, yet withheld it from the police. Harding claimed that she feared that Gallooly would murder her if she went to the police with the information about the attack (The

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