Analysis Of 'Is Google Making USupid?'

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After reading the article “Is Google Making us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, I am impressed and surprised with his ideas about how Internet is shaping our process of thinking and our behaviors gradually in a unconscious way. I have never thought about that the reason why I don’t have the patience to read long articles or books is because the Internet or Google has developed my habit of scanning words instead of diving deeply into the readings. Perhaps, being a millennial, who is born with advance technology and incredible fast Internet, I have never experience changes in my behaviors or the way I read. Although I do not have the same experience as Carr, his article allows me to think deeply about my own behavior and question about whether Internet is good for us or not.…show more content…
Students in school for example, we never struggle too much on a question to “waste time” because solution is available on Google. In middle school, I feel a sense of guilty when I search up answer from Google for the chemistry problems that I got stuck on. I also persuaded myself that I am also learning while copying down the answer. However, now it seems to me that searching on Google is the first correct thing I should do when I don’t know how to solve a problem. Although I do realize that I was not learning, my habit is already developed and the temptation is growing, which I can’t stop myself from using Google. Many students have similar experience as I do; they relay too much on Internet and stop thinking. It is sad to say that many of us today have lost the ability to think deeply, and we never have a chance to develop our problem solving
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