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Is Football too Dangerous Should athlete be allowed to play football? This is discussion that has been going back and forth for a good period of time. Can football can be too dangerous? With all the injuries it causes to the athlete’s body, most specifically the brain. But yet there are many reasons why football is not actually bad. Football is a sport that has been played for generations since the early 1900s and people have realized that the sport is not going to go anywhere anytime soon, so might as well make the sport more safer by evolving it. The sport is evolving so much with new better efficient equipment built for the player’s safety. Former professional players that have suffered too many concussions have found going insane, and even found dead from suicide, most recently found that they some former players have had memory loss. Football came up with a new helmet named the speedflex. The speedflex has an area on the helmet where it absorbs the hit, and prevents a concussion from occurring. Ever since this helmet was created the number of concussions decreased this past season. In 2013 NFL 229 players were diagnosed with concussion…show more content…
Basketball players have gotten pretty ugly broken legs (Ex. Paul George, Indiana Pacers). Baseball players have taken bad hit by pitches going 98 mph to the face (Ex. Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins). The sport that is actually the most dangerous is UFC, where everything can get broken. People go out and make football like a boogeyman that wants to hurt you if you are playing, but in reality every sport is dangerous not just football itself. People tend to see this subject as black and white, like you play and you get hurt. But yet there is more to it than just playing and getting hurt. Players have fun with the sport and what it brings to them, like playing the game, getting loved by fans, respected by the league, and most special the bond a player has with the

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